Tutorial speaker – Yun-Pang Flötteröd

Yun-Pang Flötteröd is a researcher at the Institute of Transportation Systems at the German Aerospace Center. Previously, Yun-Pang worked as a senior traffic planner for the THI traffic consulting company in Taiwan and was involved in different projects related to road planning, traffic planning and traffic safety. She received the doctoral degree from the Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. Her research interests include traffic demand modelling, traffic assignment modelling as well as the application of optimization methods in transportation.

 The tutorial will cover the following topics:

1.      SUMO simulation procedure
2.      Network preparation
3.      Network editing with NETEDIT
4.      Demand preparation
5.      Simulation execution
6.      Result visualization
7.      Scenario setup based on an OpenStreetMap
8.      Traffic assignment with DUAROUTER and MAROUTER
9.      Simulation calibration
10.    Intervention of a running simulation via TraCI
11.    SUMO demos